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Advice on which Drone to get for a first Drone?
832 1 2018-11-5
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I'm doing some research and contemplating a first Drone.  DJI seems to be the "top of the line," or "best quality" Drone out there from what I've found.  But I'm not really sure what to buy. I've ruled out the super expensive stuff as I'm just getting this for fun.  My main usage will be using it at the range to fly out to my targets at 400,500,600+ yards to look at my shots without having to walk back and forth and probably taking it on vacations for some good aerial photos/videos when we travel.

I'm debating between Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, and Phantom 4.

My local Best Buy has a Phantom 4 Advance for $730, a Mavic Pro for $850, and the Mavic Air Fly More Combo for $999

Now... That Phantom 4 Advance really seems like a pretty sweet deal, at almost $500 off. But it is marked as Clearance.  So it worries me that it might be more difficult to get parts and such for it.

The Mavic Pro is sadly not the Mavic 2 Pro. But I'm not sure entirely what the differences between the two are. But the price difference is heavy at roughly $600 between the two right now.

The Mavic Air seems like it might be a lot more bang for the buck, because they have the Fly More stuff with it, so I'd get the extra batteries, but I can do the Mavic Pro Fly More Combo for just $1050.  Bit more than it's standard $850 though.

I did also see that DJI will be doing $100 off for Black Friday for the Mavic Air Fly More Combo.  So that would drop it to $899.  Which would make that an even better deal I would think?

So... I guess I'm seeking advice from more experienced folks than myself.  What's the best bang for my buck so to speak?

Thanks in advance!

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One thing for sure DJI are the best in drone nowadays. As for the model choose one regarding your activities. Do you want something light to take with you or something more heavy but with a better camera or flight time ? you can compare drone directly on the website if I'm not mistaken. And take a combo as you will get more accessories and battery for the price.
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