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Can't Connect to Controller
320 0 2018-11-26
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I hadn't used my Phantom 2 for half a year or more.  I had long been meaning to change the vertical limitation and get some vids from higher than I have in the past.  So I just got it out again and tried to connect it to the software and make that change.

First off, I was disappointed to see on the DJI website that it appears there may not even be much technical support for the Phantom 2 anymore.  But, anyway, when I tried to connect the controller and make the vertical limit change, it will not connect.  I am using DJI Phantom 2 Vision Assistant_3.8 and have tried to connect using two different Windows 10 laptops.  The app loads up about 2/3 of the way, gets stuck, but offers me to 'skip,' so I click on that.  The app appears to finish loading properly.  I can navigate through the app's tabs ok.  But when I try to make any changes I get a message that says to 'connect the controller,' even though it already is connected.

The controller still functions just fine to fly my Phantom 2.  I just can't make any changes to the parameters.

Anything you can see here that I'm doing wrong?



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