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DJI Inspire Pro Crash in Follow me
378 1 2018-12-1
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Flight distance : 448107 ft

Hello, I had a crash with my Inspire 1 Pro a month ago but now I have finally time to analyze it.

Honestly, I still don't get it how it happened. I tried the "Follow me" mode. When I turned the camera a little bit down than the drone turned in 130° and flew straight away from me into the trees... I tried to cancel the "intelligent mode" but Inspire was not reacting... even when it was on the ground I could not turn off the motors or turn off the battery. I had to pull the battery out of the drone.

I am attaching a link to the flight record. Because I guess the mistake was not on my side. Airdata

Thank you in advance
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I'm no expert but looking at your flight log it dropped out of GPS into Atti and continued on its flight path into the tree. The only way to stop this would have been to take control of the sticks and fly it manually. Like i say i'm no expert at reading logs but that's what it looks like to me.
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