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Active Tracking Yourself
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I am thinking of purchasing an osmo pocket but I have some specific requirements and couldn't find any answers to the question I have:
If I try to use active tracking on myself, how would that work If I am not going to face the osmo pocket?

Specifically, If I were to try to use active track while I am climbing, would that work? I would have to select my face to track since I would be to close to the device to select my body (I think this would put the osmo pocket in face track mode), then set the device down, then back away and turn around to face the climbing wall. Would the osmo automatically change from face tracking to object tracking? Would it then be able to act as a sort of robotic cameraman and track me as I climb?

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Would have to test this. But I think the official answer would be to have the Wifi/BT base and then connect your phone via Wifi/BT. That way you can control it from a further distance and would be able to select yourself (facing away) via the app.
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Hi, thanks for the inquiry. You mean, do the face tracking first then once you will start climbing the Osmo Pocket will automatically change to active track then continuous tracking whilst climbing? I'm afraid that once the Osmo can't recognize your the face, face tracking will stop. We're checking this scenario to our team for further clarification. Thank you for the support.
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I’ve got a similar use case - setting the Osmo Pocket along a trail while mountain biking. At the moment I think I’ll need the WiFi module so that I can select myself using the Mimo app. Unfortunately the WiFi module isn’t available in my country just yet. One thing worth trying is to select my bike as the object to track. Without large distinguishable surfaces it may be a difficult objet to track, though.
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I think that if you can use the wireless module and the Mimo app to draw a box completely around you it should track with the following conditions met.
That your background is bland and your clothing stands out from the background. Contrast is key in this with any type of automated tracking. Basically active tracking, as opposed to face-detection, is a relatively dumb tracking system but I've actively tracked a person running and the motion was not steady but slowing and speeding up as well as stopping with no trouble even when the run was in both directions, back and forth. In this instance, the background was far away and a different color to the subject's clothing being tracked. Do also take care to make the tracking box surround you completely.
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