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Another Inspire 2 & Firmware Update Debacle—but fixed!
468 1 2018-12-18
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So I did the latest Inspire 2, RC and X7 updates. It said it all was good and restarted. But the X7 camera had no picture even though the app recognized all the settings and I could even control it. After about a half hour of trying different things to fix it, I remembered DJI support always says "did you try deleting the app and reinstalling it?" So I did and upon startup it notified me that there was firmware incompatabilities and did I want to fix it. I said yes and now everything works again.
But that's not good or acceptable. DJI is a hug company and should have this sorted by now. Even the support people know the "workaround" to get it back working. So:

1) The app failed to update my firmware across the different components even though it said it was successful
2) The app is not able to detect that the firmware is not correct upon startup unless
3) You delete the app and reinstall it.

Instead of these Mickey Mouse workarounds that I know they've been telling people to do for months and maybe even years, they SHOULD JUST FIX THE F%&$ING SOFTWARE. They know there's a problem. It happens repeatedly to different people. So make the software diagnose that by itself. How hard is it to figure out the bug that makes the firmware update fail and also fails to detect the firmware failure? It's infuriating to think how much time I've wasted on firmware upgrades because of one thing or another. I bet DJI could even save some money in the long run by deflecting all these support cases that get opened for something so ridiculous as this.
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An up front fix/correction to make the "SYSTEM" work cost,  would certainly save the $$ in warranty and support calls created by the issue coming up AFTER they find out about them.

Being in MFG'ng,  and running the RMA process for years.....the correction at the FRONT END saves huge costs at the back end...HUGE customer loyalty, return biz, return processing, and readers of the issues NOT BUYING because of the reported issues.

100%,  the reason I do not have an Inspire 2 and 3 sets of batteries and an XT Cam is due to the various forum's reported issues with the I-2.

I had a new 2015 I-1, and then bought a used I-1 6 months ago....and have a P4Pro from Dec 2017....1 year old.   I wish I also would have the next level flying camera.........I WOULD PREFER NOT TO BE THE BETA TESTER FOR THE KIND OF MONEY INVOLVED.   DJI,  Please make the SYSTEM work correctly BEFORE you's called QUALITY to the end user,  be it consumer, or professional.

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