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Video/Audio Sync Problem
408 0 2019-1-3
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Over the course of Christmas day, I recorded about 30 clips ranging from about 20 seconds to one minute over three different recording sessions (morning, afternoon, and evening).  The OSMO was turned off between each session and was put into standby mode at least a couple of times during each session, but not necessarily between each clip.  Sometimes I used GO to put the OSMO into standby mode and sometimes I used the OSMO's power switch to do it.

Somewhere in the second session, the video and audio got out of sync for two back-to-back clips (the audio was about two seconds delayed versus the video).  I do not know whether these particular clips were started after waking it from sleep mode or not as I was not keeping track.  I did not notice anything amiss until editing.  Fortunately, I could fix the issue in post (although basically by losing two seconds of video).

This is the first time this has happened to me over two-plus years of use.  Both the firmware and GO are on the latest versions.  Anyone experienced this before and can the conditions that trigger it be duplicated?

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