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Mimo Story gets stuck while editing
651 1 2019-1-4
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Hi! I really like the new story mode in the DJI Mimo app! But 9 of the 10 times when I try to make a movie, the apps gets stuck when editing and I need to restart the app and lost all changes. It happens on different things. Sometimes when I try to cut a video,  when I’m busy with the transition between clips and/or use the speed setting. I use a iPhone 8 Plus and videoclips in 1080p and 60fps. Others have this problem to? What to do because I really like the functionality but it is frustrating to loose everything and start again...
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United Kingdom

I think a lot will depend on the length of the clips. A video takes up a lot of a phone's memory when editing. I don't mean how much storage space you have on your phone but how much active memory is spare. It's demanding on a PC or Mac let alone on a phone. You could try shutting down any background apps that may be running. That may improve things a bit but if the total size of the clips you are using is higher than the amount of free memory you have, then you may struggle to get it to work. Also, try shooting at a lower frame rate and see if the problem persists.
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