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3 Questions / issues for Goggles RE and original Phantom 4
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Hiya, recently picked up the Goggles RE and have been very impressed.  After trying them with all sorts of inputs etc, I've come up with three things I'm not sure how to do.  All of my gear (Phantom/RC/Goggles RE) have already been updated to latest firmware.  Perhaps these are not possible at the moment - if this is the case, how can I submit these feature requests (they would seem to be correctable via firmware)?  Thank you in advance.
1. In HDMI view for watching movies etc - how do I hide the HDMI and battery indicator in the upper right?  I thought it would timeout eventually but haven't seen it go away.  Distracing / unneeded when watching movies etc.  

2. Some of the intellegent Flight Modes are missing from the Goggles RE when connected to my Phantom RC via USB, that work fine on my DJI Go App.  I only had 3 available in the goggles.  The one I miss the most is Tripod mode.  Is there a way to get these other modes to show up?  

3. How can I change the FOV / zoom of at least the video image (or the entire HUD too), of the display when the Phantom RC is connected via USB?  I seem to be able to adjust the FOV when in HDMI no problem.  

Thank you in advance.
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Sorry i got no answers but how come the Administrator's don't answer more questions on these boards ??? So many questions left un-answered ...
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