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One TB50 battery 0% mid flight
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I am using v01.02.0300 firmware and after fully charged batteries i can fly maybe 3-4 minutes when DJI Go 4 shows that one battery is at 0%, although when checking battery health in DJI Go 4 it shows normal status and voltages are also just fine.

But I2 calculates total battery power adding the percentages of both batteries and when one battery shows 0% then total power is only of the remaining battery.

I added screenshots from DJI Go 4 showing the battery status.

Any idea why this is happening?

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United States

Hey there,

I am having the very same issue with TWO of my sets of batteries. I can understand your frustration completely! Ever since the last firmware update, the drain INSTANTLY. I would really like it if DJI can touch on this.

$600 in batteries gone, just like that. I feel that DJI should honor a replacement set for the poor software/hardware and being a product malfunction.

Hopefully this will get flagged and we'll get some answers.
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Hey guys, sorry to tell you this but unfortunately this is a well known issue and DJI has already stated that they will not replace such batteries past the 6 month warranty period, despite being caused by their own firmware.
You will have to go and buy new batteries, although there is a chance these will have the same problem. At least then you can send it back for warranty replacement.
Hardly ideal... best advice is to use other drones. It is funny because one of the biggest USPs of the Inspire 2 (unique selling point) is the fact that it carries 2 independent batteries for safety, since battery failure is the biggest cause of a crash after pilot error. Since this issue they have effectively killed of this USP, leaving nothing but the great camera but an otherwise unreliable aircraft, sad!
Btw, there is no fix announcement or any other comment on improving the situation.
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