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Rudder response (resolved) (still not resolved)
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Flight distance : 793281 ft

This is my second attempt to find a solution to my rudder problem.In flying and changing direction I doesn't bother too much. But to make the P3 rotate on it's axis, I have to push the rudder harder and harder.
The smooth rotation speed drops tot a stop, and then speeds up again. Frustrating. But a programmed pano in Go is no problem.

Serveral forum members have pointed to the gimbal calibration and craft calibration but I still suspect te controller.
I keep thinking that maybe some rain or dust has gotten inside and makes the pots go nuts.
I'll have to find another controller to see if is what I think.
I nearly bought a secondhand remote .....
But upon reading about this rudder delay I bumped on someone who explaned that the difficult CSC starting is caused by a too wide upper dead point in stick and that it had to be .... recalibrated ! For the 4 years I fly this P3P I've never though of calibrating the sticks, never calibrated the compass, once the IMU, never replaced props, only had cracks replaced by the friendly guys at DJI.
I had also this starting porblem, but after two or three times it worked, so I payed no attention to it.
But my rotating problem was the same stick ... and as 1+1 = ..... so I calibrated sticks in the Go app and all my problems were gone.
Prefect start, perfect rotation, and free.

SECOND EDITThe reluctance to turn around depends very much on the wind condition. So when I dit a calibration and tested with no wind ... I was happy.
So I tought maybe the stick was the culprit, so I set the remote in mode 3 and now the yaw was on the right stick and the porblem remained.
So I tought maybe the compass, so I calibrated and the problem remained.
So I tought I reset the sensitivity to the normal value of 0.twenty and the problem remained.
So I set the camera to 1080 50fps and the problem remained.
Maybe I am just looking too close at having a slow uninterrupted pan in 4K...
This is what I think is not normal : when I push the left stick in one or the other way the drone hesitates to rotate until I apply more stick and then suddenly goes around.
The same left stick also commands up and down. And when I apply up, the P3 does'nt go smoothly, but I hear variations in prop sounds.

Rudder response

Rudder response
Use props
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