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M600 Lightbridge 2 upgrade problems
133 1 1-11 09:37
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Hi all.
I've just upgraded the Lightbridge 2 system on my M600 Pro (to V 1.1.70), and now the RC won't connect to the copter anymore. I've tried re-linking, but the RC just doesn't find the M600's signal anymore. After downgrading back to V1.1.60, everything goes straight back to normal and works perfectly again. Anyone else have this issue and know what to do about it? I thought it might be incompatibility between the RC's and the M600's LightBridge versions (as apparently there's no upgrade for the RC)...
1-11 09:37
Use props

I've done the updates on both Lightbridge 2 on
the Air unit (m600 pro) and both controllers
(master and slave) which cause me to loose
connection on the slave controller.
I can not figure how to downgrade the controller firmware!

The master controller is working fine alone and I
can tilt the Ronin mx, but the slave unit is keep
loosing its connection to the master unit and try
to connect repeatedly. It connects momentarily
and looses it right after.
I had no problem with previous firmware on the
controller and Lightbridge firmware version
I did also updated all of the Ronin MX, it's IMU, start
stop unit and anything else was there to match
up and update, or refresh the update!
The DJI go App softwares both on master and
slave controller are updated also.
Note: when slave controller tries to reconnect.

the master controller also loses it's control over
ronin mx gimbal. It seems like the slave
reconnection sequence interrupts the whole
gimbal controller.
1-11 10:46
Use props
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