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210 X5s DNG Issues
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I'm curious if anyone else is coming across this same issue. With the X5s top mounted on the M210, raw DNG files are showing a heavy blue tint across the entire photo. JPGs are totally fine, and DNGs shot from the bottom mount are also fine. (JPG on left, DNG on Right)

The troubleshooting steps I have taken are:
- Updated to most recent firmware (as of January 10, 2019)
- Tried 3 different X5s cameras
- Confirmed the issue is local to the top mount, and the bottom dual mount functions normally
- Attempted to offset the white balance issue with custom WB settings within DJI Go4
- Opened the files on Mac and PC
- Opened the files in different programs (Preview, Photoshop, Lightroom, and others)
- Taken photos indoors and outdoors
- Top mounted an XT thermal camera with no issue.

A similar issue has seemed to previously plague certain Mavic pilots in 2017, but theirs was only on the bottom third of the photos.

JPG on left, DNG on right

JPG on left, DNG on right
1-11 11:02
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DJI Mindy
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Hi pilotwill, sorry for the late response and the trouble with the top mount, may I know if the issue persists? If yes, could you please upload several original RAW photos to the Dropbox or Google Drive and then post the link here for further analysis? Thank you in advance.
1-19 00:24
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