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GPS data to external transmitter
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I have a M600 Pro and I have a sensor attached to it to detect methane gas. I have a transmitter attached to send out the sensor data to a reciever and a laptop. I also need to to grab the GPS data from the M600 and send it to a transmitter so that it can send it to another receiver and the same laptop so that the software on the laptop can marry these two data streams. How can I "pick off" the GPS data and wire it to a transmitter??
1-11 18:02
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Hi HeloMan64,

I have no experience on this specific topic, but I am almost sure you cannot download a GPS data stream from the M600P (i.e. through NMEA messages) during the flight in the default configuration. Nevertheless there is a chance of doing it writing some code using  the DJI SDK.

After landing  you can dowload the flight log data (.DAT files) stored into the A3 flight controller using the DJI Assistant 2 software and read them with the DatCon/CsvView softwares ( ).

Cheers, Maurizio

yesterday 02:53
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