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Landing with Gesture Control after RC Flight
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I've read several posts on this, but still haven't found a definitive answer...

With the Spark, if I take off with gesture control, can I then take over and fly with the controller without changing modes or turning gesture control off?

If so, when I'm done flying, and fly the drone back to me, will gesture control still be active, so I can land back in my hand?

I'm hoping I can take off and land with gesture control, and fly with the controller without having to use the app to change modes back and forth.  Is this possible?

Just thought I'd ask before I actually try it, to avoid surprises...
1-12 01:39
Use props

It seems that you can go in and out of gesture mode. Here this thread should help you:

I have not tried it yet but I will for sure once the weather warm up here. But I am not sure it can switch mode automatically or remain in gesture mode if you take over.

You could take off from the hand in gesture mode, take over with the remote and palm land with the remote. It's easy.  Just put your hand about a feet or 2 under the spark and then push the left stick down and hold it there until the drone land in your hand and stop. When it land in your hand, gently grap it by the side of the battery and hold it until it stops. Be carefull to only hold it by the side of the battery and not put your finger on the body of the drone to avoid the propeller. I was scared at first but once I did it, I thought it was easy and cool.
1-12 14:54
Use props
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Daniella3d Posted at 1-12 14:54
It seems that you can go in and out of gesture mode. Here this thread should help you:

I agree palm landing is very fun.
1-12 17:34
Use props
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i made a tutorial on how to easily catch your spark.

I always do hand catch whenever i am.
1-13 17:42
Use props
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