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Spark wont connect to remote control
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I was playing around with the frequencies, now the spark wont connect to the remote control. I have reset the aircraft to defualt settings but still nothing. I tried to do the same for the remote but I dont have an otp cable.. How can I fix this issue?
1-12 05:41
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Hi there, sorry for the difficulties. Kindly follow the video tutorial below on how to properly link your remote controller to your aircraft. Please let me know if the issue persists. Thanks for choosing DJI!

1-12 08:04
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Give #2 a try it should link the AC to the RC. Good luck.
1-12 14:50
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1. Turn off Controller and Spark
2. Turn on Controller
3. Reset Controller (long press for 9 second Power Button)
4. Turn Off Controller
5. Turn On Spark
6. Long press on Battery button for two beeps (6 second)
7. Turn off Spark
8. Turn On Spark
9. Long press on Battery button for three beeps (9 second)
10. Turn Off Spark
11. Turn On Spark
12. Once Again press on Battery button for two beeps (6 second)
11. Then (without turn off) press on Buttery button for 1 beep (3 ceconf)
12. Turn on controller
13. Press tre battons Red Pause + Fn + Right Custom button till you hear short beeps and green sparking light
14. They connected in my case!

Had the same issue with spark. What worked for me after talking to DJI support: when you reset spark's wifi settings with 3 beeps (holding power for ~9 seconds) turn it off immediately once you start seeing spark LEDs blinking green! Don't wait and just turn it off once it starts blinking green. Then, when you turn it on again, give it a few seconds to warm up and start, and hold power for 3 seconds. After that controller pairs to drone no prob in a standard way (3 buttons pressed at the same time). works like a charm.
2-13 09:57
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