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Lost picture but awesome time with goggles and Spark
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I was flying my Spark today with the goggles and I had a blast!   With my phantom 3 the goggles just werent so much fun, but with the Spark in Sport mode I had a great time.
First the goggles limited me to 50 meters altitude, but after an update that went away.  I was 1000 feet away when the screen turned grey and the picture froze.  As far as I can tell there is no GPS screen option.  I couldnt see the drone so I pressed RTH and watched the distance which was still working to make sure the drone was getting closer. I do have a great deal of wireless interference in my area.  Once I heard the drone returning I pressed RTH button again which Im guessing cancels the process. (Ive always had a phone or tablet).  I turned the goggles off and back on and they reconnected with picture. I continued flying without incident.  I didnt like pressing RTH... I didnt even know if a home point had been recorded.. Goggles dont tell you do they?
Is it possible to get a GPS screen on the goggles?   How should I have handled this situation?  (I KNOW. stay in line of sight and should have had a spotter)
Any advice is much appreciated.   I have never completely lost my picture before while using my tablet or phone... (except for one long range flight that resulted in a sudden loss of signal including pic, but RTH kicked in)

Is there a way to sync the flight logs to the DJI app from the goggles?  

1-12 15:52
Use props
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