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Adobe RGB on X5S camera
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We have just moved up to the Inspire 2 with X5S camera. Previously we were flying the S900 with GH4 attached. We were able to shoot Adobe RGB with the GH4 but it seems we can't with the X5S unless I'm missing something.
A number of clients insist on us shooting stills in Adobe RGB. Is there any way we can shoot in this colourspace or, if not, is it likely that this will be possible with a firmware upgrade?
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Shoot your photos with the DNG settings.  This means that you are shooting in RAW format.  You can then open the images in Adobe Camera RAW.  Select the working color space as Adobe RGB and open the image in Photoshop.  Do any adjustments and then export in TIFF or JPEG and your image will be in Adobe RGB.
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