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Lightbridge 2 not working right!
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I'm trying to get this lightbridge to work with an av signal but nothing is working. If i connect an hdmi signal I get 2 green lights for ctrl and video and everything works normally. But when I connect an Av camera it is a green light for ctrl and red light for video so only the osd shows up on the display.

The camera is setup as such:
the red and black wires of the camera are connected up to a 12 volt source (it's a 12v camera)  and the red and black wires of the the light bridge are connected to the same 12v source. The yellow wire of the light bridge and camera are connected together.

Not sure why this setup didn't work, tried multiple cameras and the same result. I highly doubt the port has been damaged or anything. The firmware for the remote and the air unit have both been rolled back and updated, still the same story.

Any tips would be appreciated, thanks,

1-19 10:27
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