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controller scroll wheel options
390 0 2019-1-23
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Flight distance : 284964 ft

M2Z owner from Australia in hot, dry and bloody windy Toowoomba.

Would love the option to be able to reverse the scroll wheel settings on the controller...always seem to find I'm panning the opposite direction I want..up when I want down, down when I want up.

Maybe the firmware gurus could look at introducing it in a future release. The more options available, the more customising to suit the individual. Ifthey can do it for gamers, then surely it could be something that could be done. the meantime, enjoying the M2Z and still can't get over the quality of vidoes and photos. Just don't get the time (or days where the wind isn't howling) to fly it as much as I'd like.

Just a few thoughts

Cheers to all

Use props
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