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Firmware smart controller and android wr
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hello i am customer dji from several years, always believe in this company but is not acceptable spend 650 euro for a controller and firmwerae not possible upload from controller android user not like apple user waypoint only for them, is not so difficult lunch new app together android have wait always days, i tested support for Autel parrot and is not the same this is modeto loose customers vey quick

Dji wake up and start listen customer your are big company

1-29 00:19
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I agree with you 100% ,it's seem for me the product is not finish yet .
to bad & sad the minumum for a new control at 650 euro that everything should run correctly .

the only response from Dji is to be patience ?! Its really a big mistake to put a product on line that is not finish complete , my opinion .

I feel like a beta tester !!

sorry for my English ..thx
Hope that Dji will give somme news ( not only to be patience ) .

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Offline ... /dji.go.v4/versions
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ANyone tried to install the APK in the SRC?
1-29 01:53
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DJI Tony
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Hi, we do appreciate your feedback to us. The firmware for Smart remote controller has been released including the update for the application that would support waypoints. No worries, DJI is fully aware that we have customers who are using the Android devices. Rest assured that everyone will definitely experience this feature in the near future in both Android and iOS users. Thank you for your support and understanding.
1-29 13:48
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No apple


About Robotics EVO Autel and DJI have more different!
4-3 01:58
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