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Tim bronkhorst
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Hi there, i bought my first drone a week ago, and i took some video's and photo and i have an idea what i want to do with it but i hve no clue on how to edit it. or even where to start.what program do i use?
what music do i use?
and most importent of all how do i edit it : )

so if you have any tips i wil be glad to hear them.

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For the video you can try Davinci Resolve (free) or Hitfilm Express (also free).
There is also Adobe Premiere Pro but it only has free trial period.
For photos, you can use Photoshop (paid) or GIMP (free).
There is gazillion of tutorials all over the internet for all mentioned tools.
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What are you using to edit Mac or PC
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DJI Stephen
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Hello and Good day Tim bronkhorst. Thank you for choosing DJI and thank you for reaching out. I hope you'll get the best recommendation here from our valued DJI Members and Customers. Thank you for your support.
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Tim, you should have a look at There is a load of info there which will help you get the most from your video.
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Shervin Koushan
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I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro if you can afford it (or if you can get it some other way ) I learnt the basics a few years ago, but I didn't make any progress until I decided to give YouTube a shot, around 7 months ago. You can see that my first videos weren't too good, but with every video I made I learnt something new.
I recommend Premiere Pro since you can grow with it, if that makes sense. It is a great tool both for beginners and professionals.
With every video you make you learn something new. So my tip is to just make stuff to begin with, you don't even have to post it. As you get better people will give you feedback and eventually you will reach a higher level of editing. Watching a couple of tutorials on YouTube definitely helps. Below is an example of how I like to edit,  please ask more questions if you have any

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If your mac, I suggest if your just starting out, iMovie before moving on to FCP X .
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