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Ronin MX Disconnecting from Matrice 600
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United States

Hello All.

I have a Matrice 600 equipped with a Ronin Mx and Canon 5Ds for surveying and mapping. The setup was working great until the first of the year. My first job after holiday break the DJI Go app made me upgrade the firmware of the controller which I then had to upgrade the firmware of my Lightbridge2. The gimbal now will randomly lose connection and not be controllable or just reset to a horizontal position and take pictures of the horizon during a flight mission. I have also noticed that, on several occasions, I have to keep turning the M600 on and off after changing the batteries for the controller to reconnect to the drone. This really puts a damper on things when I have 30+ flights to do in a two days and not enough time to deal with setbacks.

I just recently redownloaded the firmware to see if that fixes the issue. If anyone has any insight or suggestions to fix this issue, I would greatly appreciate it.

2-7 13:19
Use props
Flight distance : 2948727 ft

Same story with my Mx Ronin on M600 don't work the controls, Earth runs its tx. Did you solve?
3-11 09:54
Use props
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