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Remove my registration details for sold drones ?
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It occurrs to me that I've bought many DJI Drones and of course I've sold most of them onward as I have upgraded etc.

So now, after many years, I'm wondering about these sold drones and the possibility of somebody doing something silly with them.  I l.ooked through my account and see no registation record of my drones (Unlike say, Apple, where you can find all your previous purchases). It would be nice to be able to disassociate myself from about 12 drones which I no longer have.

Can I do this ?
2-10 11:31
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United States

There is no way to de-register drones with DJI.

When the next owner flies your drone, they will need to log into DJI GO (just like you did). Since the new owner will be logged in, any data sent back to DJI will be associated to their DJI account.
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Hi there, the registration cannot be removed, just as msinger mentioned, the new owner just needs to log in his/her own account, the data will be associated with their account.
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