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Okay here ya go.....Flying today, I1, Tb-47 bat, thought it had a full charge, put it on the bird and was at 65%.  Just screwing around flying so decided to fly it.  About a minute into flight, landing gear warning sounds, critical battery alarm is going off and it's going into landing mode.  Battery percentage is still at 56% and the status bar at the top of the app is saying "critical bat."  What gives???  What happened??  Check the cell readings and all was good, no bad ones.  Anyone ever had this happen??  Any thoughts???  Thx  Bolton
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Going by percentages, especially with a partially charged battery doesn't give you accurate results.
The App gives you the option to show voltage as well as percentage - good to use that instead of just a % reading as voltages can sag during a flight.

Inspire 1 batteries really need to be charged fully before a flight session.
This is because the monitoring feature is often confused, especially if the battery hasn't been flown for some time.
If you just go with what charge remains, it will often drop down alarmingly fast.

DJI recommends that you cycle your batteries right down every 20 flights or so to get around this problem.
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