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I have had a phantom 3 standard for about 3 years now with no problems and flew on a regular basis and just recently for some reason just fell out the sky from about 90 meters high. I did some research about why that would happen and I discoverd that if you were to do the command prompt during flight it would kill all motors and fall. Now when this happened I was looking up at the drone and wasn't looking at my controller and must have accidentally done the Prompt resaulting in my drone falling, smashing the camera and other parts. Im wanting to know so I dont make that mistake again! And why isn't there more of a warning in the manual. I had my drone assest by a warrenty company and they said that I innsciated the command during flight resaulting in the crash. The company said it was user error (command happened by mistake). Anyway Im just wondering if this would happen to all Dji drones or just phantom series or even just Phantom 3 sereis.
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Mark The Droner
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United States

AFAIK, CSC is commonly used in all DJI drones and also almost all if not all other manufactured drones.  

I just wrote this in another post a little while ago - but IIRC, member msinger used to sell a little plastic fitting that fit over one of the sticks which effectively disabled the possibility of doing a CSC during flight.  You might PM him about it.  

Sorry for your loss.
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DJI Gamora
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Hi there, we're sorry to hear about the trouble. When you doing the CSC command while on the Mid air this may happen. This is one of the features all of the Consumer Aircraft of DJI for starting and stopping the motors of the Aircraft.
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