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Low Battery Voltage
173 3 2-11 16:26
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Hi there again,

I’m unlear on the user set point for the low voltage alarm.    I assume the higher you set this the shallower the discharge will be and therefore the greater the life you will expect from the Battery.
I’m currently using 30% , could I safely go to say 20%.


2-11 16:26
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what ever % you set low battery  on slider is a software target for RTH Landing..  meaning it try to RTH and land at that percentage as close as it can roughly.   using smart systems on-board to detect power draw and calculate when it should return back to meet that expected %

increasing that percentage increases safety and reliably it will make it back without going critically low trying to come back if conditions are unfavorable...say cold out, windy and whatever else.. increasing that %  means it will turn around soon and come back sooner.

decreasing it makes it can stay out flying longer on a charge before it kicks into RTH,  but it will be returning with less power..and if conditions are less favorable it may struggle to make it back safely.  
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Ken Storm
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That I did not know, I presumed it was just the battery level at which it started to beep regardless of RTH distance.
I'm not a frequent flyer unfortunately so it had not occured to me that it was a different meaning.
Good to know its the safety margin built on top of the requirements for safe RTH to allow for adverse conditions.
2-12 03:17
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do not go under the 8 %
2-12 04:13
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