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PolarPro Osmo Pocket Tripod Mount While Charging
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I picked up a PolarPro Osmo Pocket tripod mount last week. For the most part, I love it. It's well built, innovative, secure, and has two 1-4"-20 threads; one on the bottom, and one on the side.

There are a couple issues with it, though. While you can use items attached to the accessory port (your phone, the scroll wheel thingy, etc.), you canNOT put the tripod mount on or take it off, with ANYTHING on the accessory port of the Pocket (other than the blank cover). This means having to take your phone connector off and put it back on every time your use the PP tripod mount/case, EVEN when the connector is facing inward.

This might not be a big deal, but it worries me that this connection is probably the most fragile thing on the Pocket, and I'm not excited to be overusing it.
And, and even bigger issue in my opinion is the fact that you can't plug a USB-C cord into the bottom of the Pocket while it's actually attached to a tripod mount. Yes, there is a hole in the bottom of the PP tripod mount to allow access to the USB-C port on the Pocket, but no cable/plug will be able to squeeze in there, unless your tripod mounting pad is REALLY small. Even a right angle USB-C cable requires 1/2" of room, and there's nowhere near that clearance under the PP mount.

I've come up with a workaround by rummaging through my studio lighting box: a 3" lone female-to-female 1/4"-20 extension. See photos.

I'm glad I figured this out. I was doing a long time lapse the other day that lasted 2 hours. Now way I could've done this without being able to use an external power source.
2-12 08:38
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Hello and good day dmwierz. Thank you for sharing in this information and your experience with us in setting up your DJI Osmo Pocket and thank you for your support.
2-12 08:52
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Hi dmwierz, Though we understand the concern, through our testing we have not found any issues with continually adding and removing the adapters to install the mount has not had any negative effects. If you do encounter an issue, we would recommend contacting the DJI support team. Thanks for your feedback on your experience with the tripod mount and note of the solution you have found for connecting the USB-C!
2-12 10:46
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Thanks for sharing!
2-12 18:49
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