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DJI Osmo Pocket sunk in the sea! - Movies of a journey
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Years ago i filmed almost exclusively with large cameras, last with the Sony AX33 and the Panasonic FZ1000. About 1 - 2 years ago I filmed more and more with iPhone and YI4k+, on journeys it is easyer with small cameras. And now I am filming almost exclusively with the Pocket and in addition to the iPhone 8 Plus because of the 2x telephoto lens.

On a 30-day trip from Dubai-Singapore-Auckland and a cruise from Auckland to Sydney and via Dubai back to home.
Here I had plenty of opportunities to test the Pocket in all kinds of shooting situations.

First of all, I want to praise the performance The DJI Technician. I am almost 100% satisfied with the camera.

This also shows the fact that I have already bought a 2nd Pocket. In Duniden, New Zealand I sunk my pocket in the sea.

The Pocket and the Actioncam YI4k +, attached to a small tripod, fell through my lightheartedness from the ship into the sea. Since I did not want to spend the rest of my trip without Pocket, I bought a new pocket 4 days later at the DJI Store in Melbourne.

Now I'm checking all the recordings, about 20 hours. Some clips I have uploaded on Youtube and Vimeo.

The pumping of the autofocus is still on, but much less. I hope by firmware update on a further improvement.

One point is very important to me !! - I'm missing this!!

Why can the interval not be set to 1 second and 0.5 seconds for timelapse recordings?

This point is constantly criticized in our video forum.

So far, I always had to use the camera YI4k + for this camera, synonymous 0.5 seconds can be set.

Here are my first clips of our trip:







I do not want to miss the DJI Osmo Pocket, above all, it is the ideal travel companion.
Please complete the intervals 0.5 seconds and 1 second for timelapse.
Because then I can do without the 2nd camera, the YI4k +.

Many thanks

I can show you a lot of timelapse videos in 0.5 seconds, then you'll see how good that would be.

Time Lapse

Oh, the last one isn't a timelapse!

2-12 09:21
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Second Officer

Clean up your message, I don't know what setting you're trying to use but it's a mess. Also, none of the link work as it's from within your account. You need to use the link when you're actually viewing the clip. I did manage to find your page, some really nice footage. Good job!

and use the "Add Link" button and paste in the link  
2-12 09:26
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Flight distance : 1115171
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You can embed your you tube link by copying and pasting your YouTube link.
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DJI Stephen

Hello and good day Udo13. Thank you for sharing this videos and your experience with us in using your DJI Osmo Pocket. Awesome work and thank you for your support.
2-12 10:46
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Very nice video! Great work, thanks for sharing!
2-13 06:18
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Recently I've had a discussion with some other guys on topic of timelapse and we all agreed huge SD card and shooting regular video than speeding it up in post is a way to go when you want "smooth" timelapse. Double checked it and that's what Casey Neistat is doing in his videos. Plus it gives you that nice ability to ramp up/down the speed usually at the beginning or end of the sequence.
2-13 09:00
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