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Sky Donkey
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What more proof do you need that the CS is dead and unsupported , I truly hope any perspective purchasers stumble across this post. DJI take your money and leave you with something near worthless.  I spent $700 on my 7.65 Crystalsky. However I'm currently using a $100 Android smartphone to fly my Maivic 2.  

NO firmware update for 9 months for the CS.
No software update for the CS since 4.3.4.

Worthless brick ….... DJI should be disgusted themselves over how they treat their customers who parted with exuberant amounts of money for the CS...

2-21 02:53
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While it may be less than useful for a Mavic 2, it works quite well for the currently supported DJI drones.  It does seem DJI is still active in this area as the new Smart Controller appears to have a new version of a Crystalsky integrated.  Perhaps this offers hope for a future update.
2-21 04:31
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DJI Diana
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Hi there. We are really sorry for the troubles concerning with the firmware update. I will formally ask and escalate this to a higher level of management to check, see, clarify with the updates. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.
2-21 10:11
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I received this as a response to my  inquiry about CS updates just yesterday.
Unless they are just flat our lying to me as an established long time customer it would seem something is in the works.
I've also heard that there will be a Phantom 4 Enterprise coming soon that comes with the Crystalsky, I'd think that would further the possibility of an update for the CS.

Thank you for contacting DJI Technical Support.
We do understand that you're experiencing difficulties with the absent of the Waypoint for the CrystalSky.
Our Engineers are still working on with Crystal Sky. We will update the Cystal Version to the latest and support soon. Currently, we are testing this feature and we'll keep you posted online for this update.
Thank you for your patience and understanding in regards to this matter.
If there's anything else I can assist you with, please do not hesitate to let me know. I am just an email away to help.
Have a wonderful day ahead!
Best Regards,
DJI Technical Support
2-21 12:15
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Now that DJI has just released the Matrice 200 v2,depicting on their site,media,tutorials, etc its showing the use of a combined CrystalSky/HB7.85 with the remote. hopefully DJI will speed up the process in pushing out a latest firmware & software versions to promote the CS monitors to be paired with these newly released & current drones since its about 4-8versions behind & that it wont cause app crashes,slow connectivity & disconect issues,updated to be more compatible M2 Pro/Zoom/Enterprise,etc.becuz i too spent $1000+tax=$1087.66 to be exact for a CS/UB7.85 a few months ago & ive been experiencing alot of issues with it in use with my that the Smart Controller is out, DJI needs to bump it up in getn current CS owners up to par with getn the monitors issues corrected & solved... unless we're just stuck with a expensive 1/2 working"brick"
2-22 22:38
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