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CAN-bus power overload
689 0 2019-2-23
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United States

I'm using all four CAN-bus accessories from DJI on a Cendence.  Patch antenna, GPS unit, focus wheel and multilink. I just recently added the multilink now the focus wheel does not work unless I take one of the other CAN-bus accessories off line.  Each CAN-bus device works on its own but not all together.  With the GPS unit off line the focus wheel is intermittent with a flashing blue light.  It would seem to be a power load that the CAN-bus circuit cannot support when all four devices are powered up at the same time.  Has anyone else experienced this?  This CAN-bus circuit is power for the patch antenna and I have become unconfortable with a loss of that power supply and a possible resultant disconnect with the aircraft.  
Use props
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