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P3 battery Life cycle calculation and what is displayed
452 0 2019-2-28
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A discussion was on another forum where it was claimed the Life Cycle increment of 1 full life was made if charging from 50% state. I maintained that I had never seen that and by  memory considered that near 30% still meant two charges to have a full 1 cycle increment.

I decided to test and ran the tests twice.

Battery 1 (OEM) :
Start %: 37%   Voltage total :  14.96V    Life Cycle count :  85
Charger finished : 96%    Voltage total : 16.84V   Life Cycle count : 85

Battery 2 (3rd party) :
Start %: 32%   Voltage total :  14.99V    Life Cycle count :  42
Charger finished : 98%    Voltage total : 17.24V   Life Cycle count : 43

Battery 3 (3rd party) :
Start %: 61%   Voltage total :  15.38V    Life Cycle count :  69
Charger finished : 98%    Voltage total : 16.85V   Life Cycle count : 69

The Voltage totals did vary a bit between the two tests ... lets be honest a battery board like this is not exactly an AVO meter !
What I find interesting are batts 1 + 2 ... that a difference of 5% caused the change.

My suggestion then based on above - is close to what I claimed  ... I admit that my previous statement has an error ... but it was from memory in that region.

All FW are latest for RC, AC and batterys.

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