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Trying to understand D-Cinelike mode?
1303 3 2019-3-1
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Trying to understand the D-cinelike mode... advantage from what I understand is it gives you a larger dynamic range for post processing?  Does this mode work only/or just best in manual settings mode?
I find that when using manual settings mode in pro mode and switch to D-cinelike mode, the Exposure values increase almost a full 1-2 stops.  When in D-cinelike mode, what is the best range/parameters in EV do you want to keep the image/videos between? (ie. -0.7 to +0.7 OR?)

Just trying to understand the use and purposes of D-cinelike modes and how best to use it.

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Hi, I am going to generalise as there are so many variables, cine mode does not give you more dynamic range on the osmo, but it produces a flatter image to work with, as the footage is only 8bit 4.2.0 there is not enough Color information to punch dynamic range to far. That being said with some nice ND filter and the iso white balance and shutter speed all locked down you have much better control of exposure, this is where you need a little bit of dedication as you need to decide on whether to expose for the sky, landscape or a bit in between, this may require continued swapping of your ND to get the correct exposure.

It’s not as big of a pain as it sounds though, for sky shots aim for -0.7ev for landscape with lots of reflections, highlights same, for landscape with lots of shadows then go for +0.7 ev.

All that being said if you just lock the White Balance and ISO and shoot shutter speed in Auto again with ND filters then you will save a lot of effort and get better results in Cine D.

The main thing is locking down your white balance and iso,  that will ruin your footage in auto as the overall ev will change every time you move around the scene if not locked.

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Cinelike D handles highlights much, much better than the default color. It does NOT require that you change your way of shooting. In post, there is a good LUT that will convert what was shot to look like it was shot in Standard color, but with the better highlight handling. I posted in another thread the link to that LUT. Or you can in post just up saturation and play with curves to increase contrast for excellent results. I recommend only shoot in Cinelike D.

I shot this using an ND16X filter, Pro Mode all auto, in Cinelike D:

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Hi, D-Cinelike makes the image look like a cinema with a Lookup Table (LUT) that contains a mathematical formula for modifying an image. If users do not want to adjust the color themselves. D-Cinelike mode would be a good choice. Hope that you could get the best recommendation from our valued DJI forum members in regards to this inquiry. Please let us know if you need our assistance. Thank you for continued support.
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