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DJI Care Refresh worth it?
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Tim bronkhorst
Flight distance : 344197 ft

hi there, i resently became a proud owner of a mavic 2 zoom but i'm still not sure yet if i need the care refresh plan.
i use it 2 times a week nothing crazy and no wierd stunts.
and the only thing that is holding me back is that it is only valid for 1 year and then you have to buy it agin
so for the people who have used this service or are still using it: is it worth it?
3-5 12:21
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DJI Gamora
Super Moderator


Hi there, thank you for reaching out and we really admire you being interested with the DJI Product. With regards to that actually, it will help especially if there's something happened or unexpected crash or damage. However, we can still wait for our valued other members for their comments and suggestions about this. Best regards!
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Second Officer
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United States

Many people having great results with State Farm. It cost $50-60 per year and they supposedly repay you full cost of your drone.

Care got one major flaw. If lost over water you are most likely out of luck unless flight log clearly indicates it wasn’t your fault but drone malfunction.
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