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Advantages and Disadvantages of the DJI Mavic Pro
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Hardly any drone today has a propeller cage. Why? What advantages does such a cage bring? What about the DJI Mavic Pro?
Protected propellers and protection from propellers at the same time
A propeller guard is also referred to as a propeller cage. The reason is simple: usually a propeller guard is a cage built around the propeller. With the DJI Mavic Pro, the propeller cage can be retrofitted very easily: Like a hose clamp, the protection is plugged onto the motor housing and fixed with a clamping screw. Thanks to this protection, on the one hand, the propeller is protected against mechanical damage through direct contact with other objects. On the other hand, even these objects are protected against damage by the propeller. Especially the latter is of great interest in living entities.
Propeller protection as optional accessory
As a rule, there is a propeller protection not included. Most drones fly around without it. Also, the DJI Mavic Pro has natively no propeller protection. But you can buy it for about  180 euros in the accessories shop DJI.
Why so expensive?
A propeller protection is not about cheap deep-drawn perforated plate. Rather, this would be a very poor propeller protection for the flight characteristics, because it is heavy and hinders the air flow. A good propeller protection is light and stable and affects the air flow through its geometry only as much as necessary. With the Mavic Pro this has been accomplished by tethered tight strings in a light frame.
This is how the propeller protection affects the Mavic Pro
Propeller protection is not used by default for various reasons. Thus, the safety advantage gained thereby does not always play a role. Those who fly outdoors or in camera do not really need protection. He would only worsen the power to weight ratio, shorten the flight time and possibly even affect the flight performance negative. On the other hand, it can also be useful. Let's look at the pros and cons :
Disadvantages of the Mavic Pro propeller protection
The propeller protection offers the Mavic Pro, for example, an additional wind attack surface from the side. He also shortens the flight time by about half to 12 minutes . The Mavic Pro loses even more advantages: For example, one advantage is precisely the portability of the folding boom and the low weight. The drone is ready to go. This commitment would suffer from propeller cages, because with the cages, the boom can no longer fold.
You win by a propeller protection
But the drone and everything around it is better protected. This makes sense, for example, when flying in public or indoors. But it can also be an advantage, for example, if you are just starting with the drone flight and the probability of a crash is relatively high. In short: Whether a propeller protection pays off for yourself, must be determined depending on the situation. We would say: Anyone who has not flown a lot or is flying in the interior as well as in crowds, will benefit from a propeller protection.
Conclusion: DJI Mavic Pro pilots in dispute
Since one of the main advantages of the DJI Mavic Pro is just the spontaneous use in public, one gets into a dispute. This would protect the drone and the public from possible damage and therefore make the operation safer . On the other hand, you lose the advantage of spontaneous use. Everyone has to decide for themselves what he considers more important

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DJI Stephen
DJI team

Hello and good day JanisEv. Thank you for reaching out and for these in information and your insight regarding the propeller guard or the propeller cage. These information will be a very big help to all out DJI Members and Customers who wants to use the propeller guard. You did an amazing work and thank you for your valued support.
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