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Smart Controller - How to access flight logs
1487 2 2019-4-11
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United States

I have a Windows 10 PC, and it shows the MTP driver error, as most people seem to have. I can find no suitable driver available on my system or online.

When I access the SC with USB cable (file transfer mode), I have access to the photos folder only.

How do we mount the SC's filesystem to get access DJI Go folders, so I can extract the flight logs?
If anyone has successfully managed to clear the MTP driver error, can they please share the driver details, so I can install it?
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Mavic 2 Raptor
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United States

I have the exact same issue/problem....did you ever find out how to see these logs?
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United States

I installed an SD card in the smart controller when I first got it, and the DJI go 4 app saves all of the data on the card. So i was able to simply put the card in a reader on my computer and access the data. I use Airdata UAV.

The file tree is as follows:
//(USB Drive)/DJI/dji.go.v4/FlightRecord
5-18 12:13
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