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Broken Arm connection part
317 2 4-18 06:57
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United States

Hi guys,

I broke my Matrice 600's arm this morning. Seems like the Antenna inside is fine because RC still shows Ready to go. I have replacement propellers so I guess I only need to replace this little connection part. Unfornutelly they don't sell it in online store. The customer service suggested me to send it back. Does anybody know where I can buy this connection part? I really don't want to send it back.
4-18 06:57
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United States

I can't believe they told you to send the whole thing back over that, absurd.

I doubt they sell that individual part anywhere, just buy a replacement M600 arm. There should be some online somewhere. Maybe try contacting larger dealers of the M600 like floridadronesupply or b&h
4-18 07:44
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Hello and good day. I am sorry to know that arm of your DJI Ronin was broken. Since this issue is happened. It appears that this issue needs to be diagnosed by our team. I would recommend you to contact our DJI support team to start up a ticket at . We have the professional team who would do their best to find out the reason of the incident and then the corresponding resolution would be provided. Please note that the repair fee would depend on the warranty of the product and the outcome of the analysis otherwise, valid charges will apply. Thank for your support.
4-18 07:46
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