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Screenshots from P4 RTK controller
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I am trying to create a PowerPoint presentation on our flight setup procedures with the P4 RTK and see that you can access the screenshot capture when swiping down on the controller. How can I accesss the screenshots and copy to the SD card or flashdrive to get them onto my computer.
4-24 11:47
Use props
Flight distance : 202087 ft

To take a screenshot:
swipe from the top
Tap "Capture"

To access screenshots on your laptop:
You can access them by using the USB C cable, connected to your laptop
Plug in USB C to controller and connect USB to laptop
Power on the controller
Swipe down from the top Select: USB icon
Select: "USB connected Touch to copy files to/from your computer"
A new screen will pop up > TURN ON USB STORAGE
(sometimes it takes a couple of attempts to make the connection for USB Transfer)
The device should appear in you file manager as a new drive
e.g. DJI ( D: )
Go to folder called "Screenshots"
The images will be .png format
Copy/cut as required
Once finished, tap "TURN OFF USB STORAGE" on the controller
Unmount (eject) your controller from your laptop
Job done

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Use props
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