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Video Only 5 Minutes and 26 seconds everytime. ?
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I start a video with my osmo pocket and after 5 minutes and 26 seconds it stops and starts another video for another 5 minutes and 26 seconds and so on and so on until I stop
  recording. What am I doing wrong? Have no idea what to do. Can someone please help. Leaving for the beach tomorrow. 5/3/19.
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Hi, good day Roger1167. Thank you for reaching out. For Osmo Pocket, the video splitting mechanism is the same as other aircraft. The maximum capacity of a single file will not exceed 4GB. If exceeded, the recording will be stopped, and a new recording will be started. There are some reasons:

1. For SD cards with a memory less than 64GB, only FAT32 file system can be used (SD Association stipulates that files can be formatted into exFAT in Windows system for non-standard usage). Files larger than 4GB cannot be stored on a FAT32 volume.
2. For SD cards with memory greater than or equal to 64GB, only exFAT file system can be used (which is specified by SD Association). Theoretically, a single file can exceed 4GB. However, in order to avoid errors resulted from files being too large, we still split files when the capacity exceeds 4GB.

Should you have any other concerns please don't hesitate to reach us and we are more than happy to help you. Have a safe and happy flying always!
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