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DJI Assistant 2 Flight Data
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This brings you into an area where you can view the Flight Data records.  This section is for checking and analyzing flight data on the Mavic Pro performance and also for diagnosis.  The data is stored in the SD card in the Resource Manager.
When you first open the Flight Data, a dialog box will appear with the following message;
“Enter the Flight Record Page. Click the SD Card icon to view flight records. Some functions maybe temporarily unavailable. Restart Aircraft to restore”
Press Confirm.
Click on Open Data Viewer and browse to the data on your SD Card.
Now, if you cannot locate the flight records on your SD card, you can find the flight records on you cellphone. This is because the records are also stored by the DJI Go 4 app on your phone.
To find the Flight Records on your Smartphone, do the following;
Connect your cellphone to your computer.  If you have an Android phone, then the cellphone shows up as a drive on your computer.  It is very similar for iPhone’s also. Next, navigate through the folders and find the flight record data in the DJI → dji.go.v4 → FlightRecord → MCDatFlightRecords folder.
The DJI Assistant 2 Mavic Flights Records have a .DAT file extension such as 17-08-05-11-10-11_FLY044.DAT.
Some of the data which you can view is as follows;
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Airpressure Altitude
  • Acc X, Y, Z  (Accelerometer)
  • Gyro X, Y, Z (Gyroscope)
  • Velocity North, East, Down, Valid
  • Compass X, Y, Z
  • Satellite Numbers
  • Pitch, Roll, Yaw
  • Distance To Home North, East, Home
  • GPS Level
  • Flight Status
  • RC Input Pitch, Roll, Yaw
  • RC Status
  • RC Input Throttle
  • Motor Status Of ESC, Battery and Avoidance
  • Usonic Height, Valid Flag,
  • Vision Height

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