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any tips for flying Spark from a boat?
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snowbird pilot
Second Officer
United States

any tips for flying Spark from a boat? please comment below, all tips appreciated. the boat won't be moving fast, it will be drifiting+changing location occassionslly. any RTH settings to change? i won't be using RTH but just in case the spark RTHs for some reason.
6-23 12:20
Use props
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Wish you good flight!

No problem to fly from a boat, as long as Spark stays connected to your RC and you can control it all time. (mayby hand take off and hand catch landing)
BUT if for some reason there is a disconnection (and connection again doesn`t work) and the RTH position is not the actual boat position.....prepare for a wet loss.

So its a 50/50 ; a great flight or a disaster flight.

Always start with full battery and dont fly it empty....


6-24 00:10
Use props
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First of all, you need to be in control of the boat, and by that i don't mean operating it, i mean if you need to boat to stop/start etc you will be able to get it done.

If the boat has a metal hull I wouldn't chance it, same if it has any kind of radio/radar equipment unless it can be turned off for the take-off and landing.

I recently did a successful couple of flights from a small fibre-glass hulled boat and the only setting I changed was Dynamic Homepoint, that way i wouldn't have had more than 15m to travel back to the last homepoint if something goes wrong. I didn't let any of the three batteries i used get below 50%. I also looked to the shore for 'ditch points' so if it did look like it had gone haywire i could fire it across before it went in the water. I took off from the top of the cabin at the front of the boat but found it much easier to hand catch it for landing, both when the boat was at a complete stand-still.
6-24 01:41
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Change the RTH -Homepoint in the App to the boat (device with GPS on), every now and then!
6-24 05:02
Use props
DJI Stephen
Super Moderator


Hello and good day snowbird pilot. Thank you for the inquiry. I hope that you will get the best recommendation and helpful tips from our valued DJI co pilots who had flew there DJI Spark on a boat. Just a friendly reminder that we are not recommending you to fly your drones above the sea especially if it's on low altitude over the water surface, I'm afraid that your aircraft will recognize the first location when the aircraft took off and it greatly reduces your emergency landing area. The DJI Spark might land to in the sea since the boat is moving. Have a safe and happy flying always.
6-24 12:07
Use props
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