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Update on my P3S Control Signal Loss
301 1 2019-7-4
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Second Officer
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Hey folks

So you may recall a couple posts from my previously regarding the Contorler Signal Loss I was getting on the used PS3 I picked up a while back second hand.
On the previous 2 threads I had taken all your advice and checked everything.  In a last ditch effort.  I brought the P3S to my friend and Co-Workers house for a look over.
He is a lead NOC Analyst at my company and the guy is a genius when it comes to everything tech.  
Just for those who didn't see the posts.  I grabbed a PS3 standard which had a modded RC with the The Itelite DBS Phantom Range Extender
Long story short.  He ripped the P3S and remote apart and went over it with a fine tooth comb.  Tested everything, and could not find anything wrong.
Yesterday, feeling defeated.  I went and grabbed it from him.  We sat for a few discussing it.  And he suggested we take it down to a park near his house
so I could show him what was going on ( He doesn't like to fly others drones as he typically crashes no matter what )
I didn't have my tablet so before we left his place, I stalled the DJI Go App on my Galazy S10E.  We got to the park and low and behold.  No errors, even surrounded
by a very large amount of wifi networks in the area, the only time I got a Controller Signal Loss error was when I had it return home and it was directly above me.  
Which, made sense.
Baffled, I start driving home.  Then it comes to me.  The ONE thing I had never done is used a different device when flying the P3S.  I have always from the day I
got it used my NVidia Shield K1 Tablet.  This time, because I dind't have it with me I used my Galaxy S10E.  And no issues.
I called my buddy on my way home with this info and he agreed, since the tech in the K1 is older ( release Date July 2014 ) it's quite possible that it was having an issue
with the The Itelite DBS Phantom Range Extender.
Does anyone else have any experiences like this?  Could it have been this simple?  I haven't had the chance to take the P3S to a location where this happened 100% of the time
in my area yet to test.  But plan to in the next couple days.  I am just looking for some folks out there that are very understanding of this to give their 2 cents.
Just a note. I have used the K1 with my Spark flawlessly.  But then again I connect via OTG with the RC and Tablet with the spark.  


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Mark The Droner
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I still have the K1 and still use it to fly with, although I also have the Huawei M5.  But I don't FPV with the Huawei.

I use the K1 to fly my P3P via the Go app and it works just fine.  Obviously it's a different connection though - the P3P connects via cable, and the P3S connects via wifi.  

You are saying that somehow the K1 is interfering with your control signal.  Doesn't make sense to me.  The control signal leaves the controller and shoots to the receiver on board the drone.  The K1 is not involved.  So it doesn't make sense to me, unless you are using the wrong words and saying "control" when you mean "wifi."  

I don't recall reading posts in the past where pilots were having control connection problems flying the P3S due to the K1.  

You could leave the K1 at home and fly without any tablet, phone, app, or anything else.  Fly naked and see if it works correctly.  

That's all I got.  Good luck.  
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