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Mavic Air change in exposure
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United Kingdom

So the other day I took my Mavic Air out and tried to get a nice reveal shot of the sunset, the camera was pointed down towards the ground and I would then move the drone forward and carefully tilt the camera upright to reveal the horizon and the sunset.

However when doing this the exposure changed. The grass was light when the camera was pointed down, and when tilting the camera up, the exposure changed so that the grass became darker.

I believe this change occurred when I had already set my manual settings, ISO, shutter speed etc.

Does anyone know how to record a video like this without the change in light and change in exposure when manuvering the drones camera? Basically a fixed exposure so the look of the video is consistent throughout?

Many thanks

7-5 01:19
Use props
DJI Gamora
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Hi, Thank you for reaching out. Hope that you could get the best recommendation and suggestions from our valued DJI co-pilots here that currently owned a DJI Mavic Air and have the experience on shooting some sunset footage. Thank you and Happy flying always!
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Use props
Flight distance : 1590364 ft

Manual exposure is your friend!
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Use props
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