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Are the arms kit of matrice 600 (pro) interchangeable?
311 1 7-17 14:32
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United States

We are going to replace the m3 and m4 arm of our matrice 600 because of  some maintenance issues. Our 600 is more a pro version as we add the A3  pro and rtk on the original frame.

So we bought the arms of  matrice 600 PRO for the replacement. But we just found the weights of  the two pro arms are a little heavier than our original 600 arms ( about  20 grams heavier). Just wondering if replacing those two pro arms (they  are both located on the left side of the drone) is ok for balanced and  safety flight.

Any comment is appreciate.
7-17 14:32
Use props

i guess you will have to replace all 6 arms. i had read some where on this forum about the angle difference between m600 & m600 pro
8-27 12:01
Use props
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