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IMU unkown erre PH3 Advanced
498 2 2019-7-19
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Hi, Since few weeks now i had the same problem, i can't use my drone because it asks me to recalibrate my imu but every time calibration fail at 1% with Uknown imu error as message and ask me to try again. I tried it in many places, using different phones such as Iphone X or Ipad. Nothing working even slapping the drone to unlock the IMU. That's a nice product but can't fly with it half of the time because of problems like that.
My drone is a phantom 3 advanced, i tried all i see on internet but nothing works, and ofc the warranty stopped 2 weeks ago .

Valentin Lardet
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Hi Valentin. Thank you for reaching out and we are sorry for the trouble that this has caused. May I please ask the exact error message when you calibrating the IMU? I will also be posting an official video tutorial on how to properly calibrate the IMU for your reference. Please keep us posted on the latest updates for us to help you further. Thank you for your kind and understanding. Cheers!

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Hello Valentin,

Have you had any hard landings or impacts?
It is possible your accelerometer is stuck, which may be fixable by hard tapping on the relevent side of the drone:

Suggest you check what values are showing on the sensors, when stuck either x,y or z will be stuck at one value.

Best regards and good luck.

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