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Flight distance?
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 976493 ft
United States

I noticed that under my account name, there is a number that seems to indicate flight distance, does someone know what this actually means? It doesn't match the flight distance on my DJI Go 4 App. My total distance on my app is 803,731 ft
8-14 17:45
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DJI Tony
Super Moderator


Hi, thanks for the inquiry. The flight distance here in DJI Forum would be your flight distance in your DJI Go 4 application. You may sync the flight records in the app then check if there will be changes. If not, you may try to log-out and log-in again to our DJI Forum to see if that would help. Hope that this would clarify your query. Thank you for your support.
8-15 09:43
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blackhawk down2
Flight distance : 326972 ft
United States

Funny, mine says 380xxx in some forums and 90k in others. It only show 2 of the drones I've owned and 3 in others. I've owned around 9 dji drones starting with the original vision and have flown waaayyyy more ft than shown. I have always registered my drones, wel you have to. So not sure what this is all about?
8-15 17:54
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