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Downfall - battery suddenly dropped from 50% to 7%
6149 82 2015-6-8
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I have also had batteries droprapidly from their seemingly half-charged post auto-dischargestate.  Now of course I won't fly with batteries having a partialcharge that is due to that automatic process.  I recently experiencedthis with a few batteries that I had manually discharged to half capacityand then used the next day.  The only other time I have experienced afast but not nearly as severe discharge was during very cold weather and thatwas expected.

On a different but related subject, it seems to me that batteries I'completely' discharge on a regular basis have a more gradual tail end drop incharge than those that I never completely empty before recharging.  Maybe it’s just me.  I am paranoidabout over discharge with lithium poly hybrids because they can be smoked soeasily but the protection system in these Inspire batteries seems to do whatit's supposed to.  LiPo hybrids don't have a true memory like NiCd andNiMH batteries, but does seem that there is something going on thatresembles it.  Some say it points to individual cell disorders, but the recommendationfor occasional deep discharge indicates something is gained by it.
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United States

david.p.mann@ea Posted at 2015-7-4 02:11
Jorge, Bruce -

After rereading this entire forum thread again carefully, I believe the key piece  ...

Has this been fixed in latest firmware ( update? Looks like it when you check the bug fixes section. Can anyone confirm?
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Flight distance : 452093 ft

Is there any update on the matter?

Just to share my experience:

I've crashed 2 inspires for the same reason, YES, TWO!

On the First one, the battery dropped from about 50% to 7% then to 2% leaving no time for landing. The drone free fall from about 200m and was replaced by DJI.
Second one just had a minor crash for the same reason (45 to 7% in an instant).

Does charging to 100% your batteries, just before flying, gives certainty over the battery behavior?

Does the new firmware, or any firmware, solve this problem?

Any additional suggestions??

Many thanks
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