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Rendering 4k on Davinci Resolve Glitching
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David Martin Graff Posted at 9-9 12:01
It use to be Sony under their creative development that they shifted their focus no longer producing or market software that fell under that division, so they sold most of the division assets to MAGIX, who is a German-based company that has been in the space of music and movie editing for quite some time.

Thanks for the info
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Did you look up the minimum machine specifications for rendering at 4K within DaVinci Resolve?

Often video editing is one of the most demanding things you can get a computer to do. Although a lot of systems can play back 4K, editing and rendering such files is a lot more demanding of the system.
I tried looking up the minimum requirements for rendering 4K with DaVinci Resolve as it surprisingly doesn't get a mention on their main website pages. However I found this document from them.
DaVinci Resolve specs
That's quite a powerful system they are suggesting.

This is the system requirements for Grass Valley's Edius program.
Dedius by Grass valley

This is for the Vegas Editing program.
Magix Vegas

One for Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium.

Make sure your system meets the requirements for 4K and not the minimum specs which are really much lower. A lot of systems will require the CPU to have the Intel inbuilt graphics chip capable of supporting the Intel Graphics HD 520.

The Osmo Pocket produces files with higher bit rates than some other cameras recording 4K so may be more processor intensive.

There are a lot of video editing programs out there and some are less demanding than others regarding minimum computer specifications but may lack support for the frame rates being  recorded from the source files.

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