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Ronin 2 Release Notes (08/28/2019)
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Flight distance : 2408 ft


  • Date: 2019.08.28
  • Gimbal Firmware: v1.5.0.80
  • Remote Controller Firmware: v1.4.0.30
  • DJI Ronin App iOS: v1.2.2
  • DJI Ronin App Android: v1.2.2
  • DJI Pro Assistant for Ronin (PC): v2.0.2
  • DJI Pro Assistant for Ronin (Mac): v2.0.2
  • User Manual:v1.2

What’s New?
  • Added Roll 360. After enabling Roll 360, the gimbal can be used to rotate the camera 360° by using the roll knob on the remote controller or the DJI Master Wheels. Roll 360 is available in Follow, Free, and Recenter mode. Do not rotate the gimbal to the left or right quickly during Roll 360.
  • Added ability to use the roll axis angle adjustment knob of the DJI Master Wheels to control the roll angle of the gimbal (requires DJI Master Wheels firmware v1.2.0.10 or later).
  • Added ability to use the Ronin 2 CAN Bus Control Cable to control the gimbal.
  • Added ability to use the Ronin 2 Remote Controller to control Ronin-S and Ronin-SC. The DJI Pro Wireless Receiver and Ronin-MX/S CAN Cable are required to use the Ronin 2 Remote Controller with Ronin-S or Ronin-SC (requires Ronin-S firmware v1.9.0.80 or later and Ronin-SC firmware v1.1.0.0 or later).
  • Increased auto tune speed.
  • Fixed issue: the pan motor made abnormal sounds when push was enabled in Follow mode.
  • Fixed issue: the gimbal rotated abnormally after switching from Upright mode to Underslung mode. Press and hold the pause button on Ronin 2 to enter sleep mode before switching the gimbal. After switching, press and hold the pause button again to exit sleep mode.
  • Fixed issue: the gimbal shook abnormally after being connected to the DJI Master Wheels for an extended period.

  • Update the firmware through DJI Pro Assistant for Ronin by connecting the USB-C port on Ronin 2 to your computer. Do not disconnect the gimbal from the computer while updating.
  • Make sure to update both the gimbal and remote controller of Ronin 2 to the latest firmware. Otherwise, the remote controller will not be able to control the gimbal. Restart the gimbal and remote controller after the update is complete.
  • Once the update starts, the motors power off. If updating firmware with a camera attached to Ronin 2, make sure to protect the camera from collisions.
  • If the firmware update fails, restart Ronin 2 and retry.

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How to enable the Roll 360 mode on the Ronin 2? Greets
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