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Spark auto stopping recording
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nf films
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United States

Hey, I’ve submitted a support ticket but DJI hasn’t bothered getting back. Has anyone else experienced the spark auto stopping video, and not letting you restart it?
9-2 13:45
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DJI Diana
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Hi, thanks for contacting DJI Forum. We managed to get your ticket number using your Forum Account and upon checking one of the customer support sent you an email yesterday. Please check your Junk or Spam folder and let us know once you received it. Thank you in advance.
9-2 14:08
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Second Officer
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I would check the type of SD card you are using.   If the read/write is not fast enough it may start and then stop because it can't keep up with the data being sent to the card from the camera.
9-6 04:38
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I've all of a sudden had this issue with Quickshots. Gets to about 25% complete which on the max 120m distance is about 30m before the recording stops. This never used to happen before with the same SD card.

I have reformatted the SD card too using the GO4 app.

It started happening after the latest update. Anyone else have this happen to them? Can/should I revert back to older software (before update)?

EDIT: forgot to mention a popup displays after recording stops saying something about card write speed to slow for 4K. Spark doesn't even have 4K, what the hell?!
9-10 15:08
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