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Fuji Support is a joke!
349 2 2019-9-6
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Dear DJI. I really love your products and wrote an article about the Ronin-S and the X-T3 being a great match on last fall.
I was eagerly awaiting the release of the firmware that you promised would bring Fujifilm compatibility.

Great was my dispair, when I installed an tested the new firmware: Fuji support, as it is implemented now, is a joke.

The only two funktions implemented are Photo Shutter and Photo AF on. NOBODY uses a gimbal to take photos!

We need at least Rec start/stop and AF ON in VIDEO mode!

Please, please, please get your ... together and implement proper Fuji support!!

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Second Officer

As DJI Paul wrote several weeks ago, Fuji does not support video record on/off via USB on the X-T3 with their SDK.  Fuji must update their SDK for DJI (and any other gimbal manufacturer) to turn video record on/off via USB for the X-T3.  I urge you and other X-T3 owners to write Fuji to get them to update their SDK.

Don Barar

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DJI Mindy
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Hi Ma5chinsky, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused, please refer to Don's post in 2#. Your frustration will also be forwarded to our engineers for attention, please note our website of the future update, thank you.
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